Cricket is interesting, but it isn’t what it used to be. There is new magic and it is fantasy cricket. Have you ever fancied being In charge of your own cricket team selected across club affiliations and playing for you – All the sweat, pain, and glory, and then, you get to win money for all that. 

That is why Cricket betting sites in India are thrilled about the idea of fantasy cricket betting. The big deal is that you could be lucky to stay tops for a few weeks, but it is only a matter of time before luck runs out. How do you stay consistent in playing and winning fantasy cricket? 

Remain updated with the latest news and stats

Stats play a pivotal role in a fantasy cricket game, as they help you choose the right player. Visit the sites which can give you accurate information about the players’ performance. Through comprehensive graphs, you can easily understand the current performance of the players, their history, and the nuance associated with them.

You can also know the current rank of the player. Such information will help you compare players’ performance and come up with game-changing tactics that can keep you ahead of your competitors. You cannot joke with stats and form, remember that you can only change your lineup before the game commences. 

Don’t joke with your leadership choices 

By getting authentic statistics, you can easily come up with a match-winning team. Choose the captain and vice-captain wisely, especially the captain who leads the team. Never be afraid of swimming against the tide and choosing some unconventional players, as there are chances of success through such uncanny choices. Your leadership choices in terms of who should have the armband can make all the difference in your points. You mustn’t joke with that. 

Have a plan

A lot of people see fantasy as a joke, they see it as a leisure activity. It might be for them but that is not what fantasy cricket is all about – it is serious business. As such, if you want to move from losing bets after bets, you have to change your mind and the plan as to how you approach the business of sports betting.

You must have a plan; you must know how much money you want to put into the venture and you must have a scalable plan as to how you intend to convert the money into more money. Luck is cool but you cannot be entirely dependent on luck. You have got to have a plan too.

Your plan must also guide how you select players, the quality of players you choose. If you are going with wildcards, what will be the criteria for choosing them? 

Know your competition

Never underestimate the talent of your competitors. You need to keep a close eye on their activities. Try to learn about their strategies, such things can help you to know their winning strategies and will allow you to give them a tough competition. You can convert their strategies into a well-conceived plan to defeat them in their game. makes online fantasy cricket betting seamless and easy for all its users. The betting platform is a leading company in online betting services. The platform accepts different payment methods to make betting easy for customers and pays winnings to the customers through their selected payment plans.