If you are a casino fan or have visited one at least once, you may have seen many slot machines. Sure, they all look the same with that spinning wheel and all the lights, but there is much more to them than just pulling the lever. In this article we’ll go over some of their different types and how they work so that you can better understand what exactly you might be missing when you walk right by one.

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What are Slot Machines?

Slot machines or slot gacor malam ini come in many shapes and sizes but they seem similar as most of them use some form of a spinning mechanism to generate results in online casino games. The result is either displayed on a screen display or announced by an audio tone or both.

Many casinos have gone to more modern machines which use electronic displays. For example, some might show three cards on the screen and then play a video animation of the reels spinning and stopping to display one of the card values on each reel. The slot gacor hari ini is often used by online casinos so that they can give their players a more realistic experience without having at least three actual spinning reels.

The other less common but still widely used type are machines that have only one or two physical spinning reels but have an audio tone generated every time a reel lands on an available slot value. These types of machines are found in many Las Vegas Casinos and some states even have them as part of their state-operated lottery games.

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Classic slots

Also known as the three-reel slot machines, these are the ones with the spinning reels that used to be in every land-based casino. The most common of these is the “one-armed bandit” machine which has three spinning reels to select from and one non-spinning reel that has only a few fixed numbers in it. Every time a spinning reel lands on an available slot value, an audio tone is generated. If a player then pulls the handle that allows them spin again, another audio tone will play if no other reel lands on an available slot value.

The other very common type of classic slots is the “fruit machine” or “one payline” machine which only uses one physical reel.

Five-reel slots

They are also referred to as “video slots” which are probably the most common type of slots found in online casinos. They are almost always used in conjunction with a virtual pay table which shows the possible winning combinations and their corresponding payout amounts.

They have five physical spinning reels and three virtual reels, which are generated by displaying video animations on a video display of each reel. The player can select how many lines they want to play and then pull a lever or hit the spin button to initiate the spinning of all the virtual reels. If any of these stops on an available slot value then an audio tone is generated and a win is credited to their balance according to the payout schedule for that game which can be seen in a pay table like this one here.

Slot bearing multiple paylines

While traditional slots only use one payline, “multi-line” slots allow the player to select multiple pay lines which increases their chances of winning. While 5-reel slots allow up to 100 paylines, modern video slots can have more than 1,000 possible lines and some even have what is called an “infinite” amount of lines.

The symbols that are displayed on these will also differ between classic slots and five-reel video slots. For example, most classic three-reel slot machines use coins or cherries as the lowest paying symbols and the highest paying symbol is usually a red seven with gold trimming. In contrast, Las Vegas machines are more likely to use playing cards or high valued fruits as their highest paying symbols.